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Qi Team

Qi Team is a team of global leaders in the field of healthcare quality accreditations and innovative solutions in quality implementation and maintaining continual improvement. Qi Team has three dimension strategies to achieve healthcare quality goal as its sustainability. Our expertise Team members have sound record at quality implementation with latest innovative methods. Our team supports Business process engineering as well with Lean six sigma tools and latest innovative information technology for achieving the goal of excellent quality implementation (NABH/JCI/NABL/ISO).

We expertise in customizing our approach as per client needs so as to ensure that NABH activities proceed with ease, understanding and thereby creating a uniform work culture. To facilitate this we have several options available and the final methodology needed, can be mutually agreed upon detailed discussion for effective NABH Implementation, Application and eventually Accreditation. We believe in making NABH accreditation easily understandable, conveniently doable & above all financially viable for the Hospital to achieve Long Term Sustenance….

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Benefits for Hospitals

Accreditation to a hospital stimulates continuous improvement. It enables hospital in demonstrating commitment to quality care. It raises community confidence in the services provided by the hospital. It also provides opportunity to healthcare unit to benchmark with the best.

Benefits for Patients

Patients are the biggest beneficiary among all the stakeholders. Accreditation results in high quality of care and patient safety. The patients are serviced by credential medical staff. Rights of patients are respected and protected. Patient’s satisfaction is regularly evaluated.

Benefits for Hospital Staff

The staff in an accredited hospital is satisfied lot as it provides for continuous learning, good working environment, leadership and above all ownership of clinical processes. It improves overall professional development of Clinicians and Para Medical Staff and provides leadership for quality improvement with medicine and nursing.



  • Multi skilled consulting team with exposure to multiple quality platforms.
  • Close interaction with the Process Owners.
  • Project Objective: A Benchmarked Management System.
  • Periodic Project Reviews
  • Transparent and ethical practices.
  • Complete transfer of knowledge to Client by the end of assignment.
  • Project Goal: Timely and successful Certification.


Deliverables – from Qi-Team:

  • Online Assistance for the all weekdays (Except Sundays); during working hours from 10 am to 5 pm for any queries and clarification thus ensuring continuous guidance and support. Timings to be mutually pre-fixed & informed to both parties for easy & uninterrupted assistance
  • Clarification of all doubts with respect to understanding of all Standards and Objective Elements applicable
  • Ensure that all Committees along with Quality team get a clear picture of the whole process of NABH implementation
  • Assistance in preparation of Policies, Procedures, formats for Forms and Records
  • Assistance in preparation of all Department Manuals of the Hospital.
  • Assist in finalizing the forms and formats based on the inputs from the each department and quality team for customization of the same for the hospital
  • Internal Auditor Training with Guidance of conduct of 1st Internal Audit
  • Understanding the Self –Assessment Toolkit
  • Mock Audit simulating NABH Original Assessment
  • Preparation & Submission of Audit report simulating Original NABH Non-Conformity Report
  • Assisting the Hospital in closing the issues raised in the Assessment Conduct of one Mock Audit
  • Assisting Hospital in addressing the Non Conformities and getting prepared to face the Assessment by the team from NABH
  • Assisting the Hospital in closing the issues raised in the Assessment, Preparation of Closure report & hence getting accredited
  • All queries to be attended & replied within a maximum time period of 24 hours

 Deliverables – from the client:

  • Timely finalization and customization of all given forms and formats
  • Weekly update to the Qi-Team in the status report format
  • Involvement and participation of all committees with its full quorum of members, Department Heads, Key Staff and Process Owners in the Documentation & Implementation process
  • Once documents are finalized; ensuring sufficient copy/copies are printed/made available in soft copy and made available in the each department
  • Time bound closure of gaps based on the inputs from the Qi-Team
  • Identification of suitable Internal Auditors team and arranging logistics for the training and conduct of the Internal Audits.
  • Making all arrangements for the Assessment
  • Prompt addressing of Non-compliances from Internal Audits
  • Addressing all issues raised during Mock Audit
  • Timely application for NABH Assessment
  • Making all arrangements for the NABH Assessment
  • Addressing all issues raised during Assessment and timely submission of Closure Reports to NABH


We expect and believe that the Hospital Quality Team will be equipped to carry out the NABH accreditation process after strict adherence has been made and expect the hospital to stand by itself and take the process forward, thus making the Quality system Self-dependent,Financially Viable thus ensuring Long Term Sustainability.