Medical travel or more commonly known to be as Medical Tourism is among the faster growing healthcare sector in the world. The base of medical travel (we like to stick to medical travel, than to medical tourism) always has been associated to travelling to a distant place for getting specific health related treatment. The reason for such travel has been lack of availability of specialised professionals, Delay in getting treatment, High cost associate with treatments

Brief History of Medical travel

There have been references in history of people travelling to distant places for the sake of better treatment. Ancient travellers were mostly to temple for therapeutic effect of its Holy Hot springs.

Ancient Romans built resorts with thermal health spas, and therapeutic temples thrived during the Greek domain. Ancient Greeks were known for their travels to the sanctuary of the healing god, Asklepios, believed to reveal remedies for different ailments in the dreams. This sanctuary was in fact a small territory in the Saronic Gulf named Epidauria – today considered as the birthplace of medical tourism as we know it.

(Ref: Medical Tourism History by Dr. Tomislav Mestrovic (

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Why medical travel?

There are several reasons for medical travel, to state a few – Mostly it’s the lack of specialised doctors or technology at home place, Higher treatment cost , Lengthy waiting periods for patients; even for specialised diagnostic services. Be any of the above stated reasons, improved travel technology has enabled people to travel longer distance for their health needed at shorter time & at a reasonable cost even for super specialised treatment.

Why India for your medical travel?

It’s a known fact that Indian doctors have a reputation around the world for their expert skills. Even there is a Harvard study which shows patient treated by Indian doctors has lesser mortality rate. Healthcare in India has been growing sector with many corporate hospitals having multiple units. Quality awareness can be seen with more hospitals opting for National (NABH) or International (JCI, ACHSI) quality certification, which evaluate hospitals on multiple levels and aspects in order to get accredited. Indian hospitals have best in technology and skills at par with any developed nations. Indian hospitals have reputation of doing most complicated surgeries. Southern states of India are usually considered as the healthcare destination of India.

Indian cities have good air connectivity with almost every destination abroad with direct and connecting flights giving ease to the patient about their arrival. Connectivity from airports to their respective healthcare destination is also very good.

In the tourism aspects also India offers wide, vibrant culture, places, unique location that will leave an everlasting impression in any individual. Tourism can be added to patient medical travel (provided medically allowed by treating doctor) as per their liking, a wide range of location near to their healthcare destination can be arranged.

Why A2B for your medical travel

A2B is been managed by doctors, the expert panel becomes the 1st line of contact for any patient who would wishes to have treatment in India. All the patient cases are carefully studied and expert opinion taken before giving the best suitable solution to patient. Benefits of a doctors governed organisation for patients are plenty but to name a few – accurate treatment, Treatment done at hospital monitored, avoiding unwanted procedures for patients, weekly update for patient bystanders (only on request for selected hospitals). Hospitals and Doctors are chosen only after careful evaluation. All the hospitals associated with A2B are having National or International Quality accreditation such as NABH, JCI, ACHSI etc. Patients associating with A2B are assured of world class services and expert care. A2B can give customised plan to each patient as per their requirements. All the above services result in a happy and satisfied patient.

A2B currently offers the following service free of cost or at a minimal cost to patient bystander (only 1 nos)

  • Dental check-up
  • Health check-up
  • Electronic Health record of the patient – Chip or USB type (currently provided only for one Hospital)
  • Airport pick – up & Drop
What treatments are offered by A2B?

We are currently focused on the below stated condition/treatments

  • Cancer treatment
  • Joint replacement surgeries
  • Dental services
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Infertility
  • Cardiac/ Heart treatment
  • Transplant surgeries
  • ENT
  • Ayurveda / Panchakarma treatment
  • Rejuvenation / Relaxation therapy

Any other treatment would be taken on case to case basis.