A2B Healthcare Solutions

A2B Healthcare Solution is a Bussiness group which deals with Healthcare Quality Accreditations (NABH,ISO and JCI), Green Hospital Implementation with Solar Solution, Medical Tourism, Healthcare IT Solutions, Hospital Designing, Healthcare Bussiness Process Engineering, Website Designing and Digital marketing. The team working behind group has proven track record in various Healthcare sectors across India.

Qi Team

Quality Accreditations: We help hospital team to get accreditations in quality management systems like NABH, ISO and JCI at minimum time frame in customized strategy. Also make the Quality team capable to handle the hospital quality process independently.

Green hospital

Green Hospital Implementation: We guide hospitals to preserve energy with our proven solar solutions to save energy and hospital running costs. Water treatment solutions and Solar solutions will help the hospital to meet eco friendly hospital atmosphere and get certified with Green Hospital.

Medical Tourism

We serve patients across the world to meet their requirements and provide best Healthcare services in ease at affordable Cost. We have business concerns in few middle East and African countries from where we get referrals through our business partners.


Healthcare IT solutions: We provide best Healthcare IT Solutions which will help any hospital to get certified with Quality Accreditations in ease and implementation of paper less process within hospital which will guide to improve turn around time for each process and reduce human error and man power costs.

Bussiness Process Engineering

Healthcare Bussiness Process Engineering: We help Hospital Administration to improve hospital operations and reduce operations costs of hospital by problem analyzing and solving solutions with lean six sigma solutions.

Hospital Designing

Hospital Designing: We have core team for hospital Designing, Civil Engineering and structural Engineering with excellent proficiency to implement proven architectural solutions within Healthcare Quality standards.

Hospital Construction

Our team has good background in Hospital construction and has proven track record for completion of projects within proposed project timeline.

Operation Theater Engineering

Our team has high proficiency in OT designing and re-engineering with HEPA filter implementation in cost effective solutions.

CSSD Designing

Our team has high proficiency in CSSD Designing and Re-Engineering as per NABH norms implementation with cost effective solutions.

Hospital and Clinics Interior Designing

Our team has high proficiency in Interior Designing for Hospital and Clinics and has proven track record for completion of projects within proposed project timeline.

Change Management (Healthcare) including Costing and staffing

We will guide our clients in recruiting resources according to requirements and will support in Change Management in healthcare.

Digital Marketing
In current market scenario Digital Marketing is key for business promotion and development. This will help to link the target group of people based geographical area to your services which will later promote your business to a great extend .
Website Designing

Our team have high proficiency in Website Designing with advanced latest technologies with mobile and tablet solutions which can be later integrate to digital marketing during post sales support

Financial Support Services

We will provide corporate financial support to any healthcare firm within India with attractive different schemes, which can help you in promoting your business to the next level according to your expectations.